"We were sending our first eMails inside 5 minutes and had our logos and colour scheme on our new system inside 15 minutes of getting our login."
"I expected to buy hosted exchange but this was so much cheaper."
"Before the 4 of us set up our portal we were convinced our 5th member of staff would need to be a techie, but thanks to your technology he will be a salesman."
"Thanks to you our web presence was solved in 30 minutes - we had our website live, our email running and secure backup for all our private and shared documents"
Accessible Technologies supports over 300,000 end users in the UK alone and this makes it possible for us to operate our service much more cost effectively than all but the very largest ISP's.
The end customer, whether they are a private individual or a business gets a well planned Web Portal in our Partners brand, that they will access and use every day thereby reinforcing the Partners brand message.
Up sell of storage capacity and consumables and cross selling of additional services will further reduce costs that most of our Partners find acceptable to bundle free.
We can seamlessly wrap our additional tools around our Partners Web Offering, making it much 'stickier'.
We have a range of Web Service (API) technologies that fully automate sales and provisioning.
Branded Spam & Virus free Email
Domain Name Sales
Web Site Hosting
Shared Photo Storage
File Sharing Library
Time Management
Group Calendar
Web Organiser
Encrypted Data Vault
Email Aggregator
SMS Gateway
Email 2 Fax
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